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Fixing Chronic Pain

We specialize in definitive treatments for chronic back and neck pain. We have learned from years of experience that there are good answers for almost every patient with chronic back or neck pain. If you have been suffering from chronic pain and have been frustrated by the lack of answers to your problem, come talk to us!

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Aurora Spine Center is exclusively focused on degenerative spine disease and 100% of the surgery that we perform employs advanced minimally invasive techniques.

  • One of the world’s leading centers for minimally invasive spine surgery1
  • Developer of breakthrough “same-day discharge” (outpatient) lumbar fusion technique
  • Over 800 minimally invasive lumbar fusions – same-day discharge rate now over 95%
  • Over 1,000 minimally invasive lumbar diskectomies
  • New methods and materials for bone growth
  • Patient Benefits:
    • Limited (or no) days in the hospital
    • Reduced blood loss, no transfusions
    • Limited muscle disruption
    • Reduced post-op pain
    • Faster recovery and return to normal activity

1  Based on the number of same-day discharge lumbar fusions performed.


Walter W. Eckman, M.D.

Dr. Eckman Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Walter Eckman has been in private practice since 1976.  He moved to Tupelo, MS, in 1985 where he founded Aurora Spine Center in 1992.  Dr. Eckman is certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and is exclusively focused on degenerative disease of the spine.

Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Eckman attained M.D. and completed his surgical internship and a year of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, served as clinical associate at the NIH, and served as a resident in neurosurgery at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.  He completed his training at the University of California San Francisco and Stanford University.

All surgery is performed at a 650-bed regional referral center which is the largest hospital in Mississippi and the largest non-metropolitan hospital in America.

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